WELCOME to the next generation of Native American Silversmiths. 

We are Woody & Margaret Tsosie from Chinle, Arizona home to Canyon de Chelly.  We established our business in 1987.  The base of our talent comes from very traditional families on both our sides.

Woody was taught by his grandfather who was also a traditional Medicine Man.  After the passing of his grandfather he taught himself the rest of the trade.  Margaret was taught by her father, who was also one of the original 29 Navajo code Talkers who developed a code that helped us and our allies win the war.  We are working on building a shop, but in the meantime we work from our home.

Our goal is to try and stay with the traditional styles.  However, with the changing times we have added a few contemporary pieces.  We start by first cutting the stone, then polishing, cutting the silver and shaping the piece.  We also do TUFA and SAND CASTING.  All our pieces are Sterling Silver.

Unlike other artists we do not follow any stencils.  We will start out with a light sketch on a piece of silver plate and then will saw out an intricate design.  These designs may include hogans, canyon walls, ruins, livestock, and all things that one would see on the Dine' Nation

Like all quality art it takes time and patience to finish a single piece.  A piece can take hours or even days to complete, but the wait is worth it because once the final piece is done the intricate detail shines through.






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